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For those that celebrate, have a good one. For those that don't, hopefully the bad weather hitting us in the middle of the country doesn't effect your day! I think. Yes, this is a lame post, but then again, kinda sleepy. I'm lame when I'm sleepy.


most likely will post a work rant/family rant/any rant here soon psycho


Dec. 27th, 2008 03:12 pm
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Well, first is a rather "fun" work rant. I'd do a cut but that requires tags and I'm feeling lazier than usual.

Alright, I have been having problems with people coming through at night from Wyndotte hospital. Yes, I'm calling them out even though they will most likely never see this. I don't understand why they're the only ones we have trouble with at work, but they are. It's most likely because not only do they live in Michigan, but we are the only mchell closest for them to go to. At least on midnights. It's always two specific customers that I seem to have trouble with, but one is a money grubbing bitch.

The first time she called, I believed her that her meat was 'undercooked' as sometimes, the meat is a little pink on the outside if we're running full trays of meat too soon after each other. Okay, whatever. They're still over 200 degrees (or at least over 165. yes, it's sad that I know that.) and fine. But I replaced it anyway, she tried to threaten me with coming back and demanding a refund in which she didn't come back for a month or two or whatever. I'm not sure. I can only tell people by their orders since some have the same high pitched trill as others. Or the same drunken mumbled stupor. Which reminds me...wonder if Mr. ten gallon hat man finally wrapped him and his bitch ass daughter around a tree. Happy new year to me!

Anyway, she calls last night because she's apparently appalled that there was more ketchup on the wrappers of her burgers instead of on them and that it disgusted her so much that she couldn't eat them. Okay, what? It's ketchup. Get over it. Mistakes happen. She then goes into a tangent that I'm apparently not doing my job in managing my people and is demanding another refund as well as replaced food. And wants me there at 7 when she apparently was going to come back through since it was on her time.

For one thing, I am dong my job. I'm dealing with the scum on the world who think that their shit smells like roses and because one little thing is accidentally out of place. And actually, I did have a talk with my grill person about the neatness of his sandwiches. And know what? He's actually doing better. Not the best yet, but it's a fucking start. And I'm not staying an hour and a half after my shift is over just to appease you. That's not in my job description nor am I trained to handle such idiots. So happy one of the assistant store managers opened today, or I would have pulled my hair out. And I swear, the next fucking person who dares tell me that I don't do my job to my face, behind my back, or otherwise will be in for a fucking nasty ass surprise.

That bitch is one customer I'll happily take a 1-800 call for. HAPPILY.

At least Christmas was good where I was able to see family I hadn't seen in...a year. Even if everyone was too strapped for cash to give presents. I'll take homemade cookies over anything little that I would have got anyway. Even if some socks would have been nice. XD


feeling marginally better about this situation that will most likely not be resolved tonight psycho


Dec. 25th, 2007 11:28 pm
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I love my family I swear.

Cut for ranting )

So, on to the 'good stuff'. It was a tight Christmas, but that's expected. None of us are very well on money, but once again did what we could with it. ^__^ Mom and Michael pitched in for a record/CD/cassette/am-fm radio/ can plug a MP3 player in little combo and it looks real nice. The dial lights up and looks like an old fashioned radio!! Now I can play all those records I got over the summer!! And I got the usually toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, pair of pants deal.

Chad actually liked the manga I got him. o_0' I might get the kid into reading yet...

So, that was my holiday. Watched/listened to preachers, ate a really good dinner, and stealing the computer since Chad's grounded from it. >:D


hoping next year's a bit less bitchy psycho


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