Aug. 4th, 2010 07:40 pm
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So, the crew convention was boring as all hell, but I was able to see some of my friends from Woodhaven. Who were complaining up a storm until my store manager looked at them and explained how much easier they had it than our crew. Which shut them up. OH NO. THEY DON'T HAVE 17 PEOPLE LIKE LUNCH/GET BREAKS/HAVE TWO EXTRA PEOPLE THAN WE DO/a bunch of other shit. Seriously, they don't know how much easier their midnight shift is. At all.

After that fun 2.5 hours of complete and utter bullshit (and learning that since it's our franchises' 50th year, we are going to do a lot of promotions. u____________u), went to the mall for some shop-theraphy. My Yugioh collection grew by two volumes because they finally had the ones I was on! Also am buying Shaman King out of order. u__u They never have the volume I'm on and I know the plot otherwise so I don't think it's a big deal. Also started Pandora Hearts because I can. Still waiting for the next volume of 07-Ghost and I need to look on Border's website for my other series. I also REALLY need to do another manga inventory and update my manga post. I almost miss counting how many different series I have/how many volumes I own.

As for the moment...watching my roommate play FFXIII. We've already decided that Seipher and Zell had a kid and named him Snow...because we can and we like making up headcannon crack. I missed having them around. XD


gonna read manga and/or doodle. maybe nap psycho


Jul. 9th, 2010 07:23 am
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So... memes first, my rambles/bitching later. XD

Hetalia~! )

Music music music )

I'm going to have that fucking song stuck in my head all day. XD was...fine I guess. It could have been so much better if my damn service person would stop trying to talk/text on her fucking phone. Really, I know we're slower than the other shifts, I really do, but we also have a lot more cleaning to do. And other bullshit like the cleaning report for the grill to work on.

In other news, cleared out my mp3 player yesterday and began from scratch. I didn't feel like going through all my folders on it to pick and choose songs, so I just started out from scratch. I'm done trying to please people with my music, I really am. Especially since they were being dicks about it the other week. They're lucky I can't stand working in a silent store, or else I'd just stop bringing my radio. :\

Nothing much is going on. Playing Pokemon again, and figuring out where the hell I left off in Diamond. Took me two days but I finally figured it out. XD I'm glad I did, and can go back to trying to raise up dark/ghost Pokemon.


off to hatch another Eevee for her Eevee Evolution Army psycho


Jul. 4th, 2010 09:27 am
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So...starting another 30 day meme to go along with the Hetalia one...this one's all about the music! Stolen from [ profile] jyuufish btw.

Music! )

Hetalia meme )

Ug. Work last night was bad. Busy, filled with drama that I thought was finally put to rest, and training! Lots and lots of training. The opening manager has a fractured elbow and useless, and the truck was late. So...I didn't get out until like, 8 this morning. When I was scheduled off at 6. XD Hopefully tonight will be better, though I doubt it. Two trainees and my screwed up ankle is hurting like a bitch. It'll most likely be worse tonight. :\

At least I have Pokemon. X3


going to play her game before bed psycho


Jul. 1st, 2010 07:40 am
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So...been playing Eternal Eyes pretty much since I got up from my nap...and fell right into place with the game play. It's like I have been playing this game forever instead of taking a break from it for like...4 years. XD Love it to pieces still~

you're a million ways to be cruel )



needs sleep maybe very much so yes psycho
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Also, yesterday, bought like 7 ps1 video games because of course, going to ebay is a bad thing. Go in to buy one game, come out with that one and 6 more. XD I bought:

Final Fantasy VIII
Eternal Eyes-which I was there in the first place for...
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Twisted Metal 3
Dynasty Warriors 3
Spyro the Dragon
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

See? A bunch of old games. I wish I knew where my Sega was...I really wanna play Cosmic Carnage again and beat it in like, an hour and a half like I used to. And I would just keep doing it over and over and over again.../tard Also have been playing YuGiOh: Forbidden Memories again. Which is more fun than it really should be, especially since I'm stuck in the actual story line but I'm enjoying playing the Free Duels (which gets you more cards for your deck and I needed to practice with my new deck anyway.)

Thinking of watching more DRRR tonight, and maybe catching up on FMA after I draw like, 7 pages for mango. I think I'm on page 14 and it's what? The 21st?

21st...HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!! Even if it's been hotter than hell for like 2 months now. XD


going to either draw or procrastinate some more psycho
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For some reason, we're all going Pokemon crazy again at this house. So, to join Chris and Crystal in their playing of the DS games, I broke out my Gold and Crystal. (both Crystals have Crystal. I find that amusing.) Now, my Gold used to have almost all 250 pokemon. Except Mew and the three random spawns. I'm thinking it still does, so I go off to try to capture them to find out that my game has been erased. The game I had since I bought the damn thing is now gone, and I get to start all over again. There are no words to how pissed I am at Chad and his little friends. I tend to take my games rather seriously. Then, I started thinking about the N64 and the halfway bust that was for Nintendo. Which for some reason had me thinking about my old Sega Genesis with the 32X hook up. Which leads to Cosmic Carnage. It was a fighting game Michael and I would play to solve our differences. Which usually lead to even more differences. Happy memories of beating the crap out of each other with controllers there.

I'm just happy that he didn't save over my Crystal...which I haven't really played since I got it. The measly three badges should tell that whole story. I need to find my old Red and Blue. I had glitches I had caught with the unlimited master balls. I loved that cheat. For some reason, both Michael and I were stupid enough to believe that they would turn into Rhydon (I think that's how you spell it) if they sat in the box long enough. I don't remember who in our old neighborhood started that rumor, but as pre-teen/very early teen, we were gullible.

Thank God I migrated to Gundam Wing after that. XD Which reminds me...I haven't seen my playing cards since I moved... Yes, there is a Gundam Wing card game. I have only found the booster packs once at Kmart, and that was back when I was 13 and the show was just coming out. ... Wow. I've been in that fandom for awhile. Hmm. Maybe I'll find more of those packs at a con one day. I can only hope. or if we ever go to the fabled anime store in Columbus that Crystal and Chris are always going on about. That'd be nice

So...that's my random video game post. I'm off to do more character designs. Vlad, Yasuo, Rp!Yasuo, that means you.


rambling like a mad woman psycho


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