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Spent my new years nice and quiet with my electric lemonade, Aggravation (that I lost twice. And came in second...twice. Poor Crystal. XD), and the tv. Although when I heard fireworks I thought it was gunfire, which is what I've been used to most of my life. So...I got looked at strangely of course when I said 'hit the floor here come the guns' which is something else from my old neighborhood. That and stay away from the windows and all that jazz. It's odd being in such a quiet area!

Anyway, time for resolutions, which for one is to participate in [livejournal.com profile] nanomango in June and to finish Yet Another Cracky Ass Story and perhaps even come up with a decent title for it. I've already started on writing more of it, trying to get to the other world. Where my plot finally really kicks in. Finally. And I need to start working on backgrounds and drawing well, real things and working on perspective for mango... Oh well. I'll get to it, when my muse isn't stuck on writing. :D

Otherwise, been doing pretty good. Enjoyed my "weekend" and going back to the grind tonight, which isn't something that I want to do but will do anyway. I'm thinking of bringing my code red in so that I'll have some sort of sugary substance to get me through yet another 1000+ night. Yah. This business is only a trend. Really. Because they're so intent on bringing back the mchells that they closed midnights down for. Really. Honestly. Stupid people.

Besides work, been listening to a lot of Nonpoint recently, and trying to tie up loose ends in my "creative endeavors" which means trying to edit previous stories/art and end up getting a different sheet of paper and doodling. Although I finally had the urge to try to learn layers in photoshop, and think that I've been doing a good job of it so far. Even have been filling requests on the proboards' graphic requests. As well as banners since Crystal wants to reopen the rp, and this time has more people in the admin group so hopefully, this crack at it goes easier.

The Salem banner! )

So, hope y'all have a good new years and that you actually stick to your resolutions!!!


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Since I'm bored and have nothing else to really do, I decided to write my resolutions down. And do a meme I seen on [livejournal.com profile] skeeterbug00's account that I've been meaning to do. So, have an actual chipper post! Zomg! I know!

Resolutions for 2008

1. Read at least 2 whole books from both the Old Testament and New Testament each.
2. Loose the weight I've gained back.
3. Actually do some challenges from my challenge groups.
4. Practice my art more, I've been slacking a lot lately.
5. Read at least one full series from start to finish.
6. Get my 2006 NaNo up on my writing journal.
7. Finish my 2007 NaNo and finish editing. XP
8. Actually get some stories cranked out that have been floating in my head. I haven't been dabbling in my own worlds enough and want to really get back to that again.
9. Get my back checked out.
10. Save up for my own laptop. This was stunted because Crystal didn't have a job. ><'
11. At least take some classes over the summer.
12. Look for a better job.
13. Get my other journals somewhat updated and keep them that way.
On to the Meme!!

The idea of this is to sum up every month of the past year with a word or phrase.

January: Getting ready to move/signing up for school.
February: Moved out of the house and met new friends in art class! <3
March: Birthday shopping trip!
April: ACEN, and how Crystal (not me, roomie) became broken.
May: Nothing really memorable...
June: Computer cord started to die...and dealing with a hot ass apartment.
July: Sweltering in a tin can, and computer dies.
August: Computer completely dead, started to rp again!
September: Thank God for cooler weather, muse dies completely.
October: Indian summer wasn't fun, happy when fall finally decided to show up.
November: NaNo!! Fun, even if I didn't make it to 50K
December: Regrounding myself with my religion, and remembering why I wanted to move out so badly in the first place.

So, that's all I wanted to spam up your flist. Hope you liked! *grin*


off to maybe write something? psycho


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