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Well, I'm back sleeping four hours a day, but this time, instead of it being in the afternoon, it's in the morning. Ug. I hate this. It's like I'm tired but I can't fall asleep and if I attempt to write/sketch anything, it just comes out really bad because I actually have to be awake for that sort of thing. *grins* Although I did coax my muse into half a sentence this morning in my HP rp.

I have this idea that's been bugging me with Senna, who is a metamorphagus to the highest degree, where she wakes up and OMGWTFBBQ?!? has her ears shifted to the top of her head and kitty! =^_^= And her hoard of dragon toys like to pull on them. maybe it'll get someone to actually rp with the crazy bitch... And I have to bring out Vlad, Sonny, and Dillon too...bah. If I was actually part of the fandom, it'd be much easier to do. u__u' HP books put me to sleep. Hm. Maybe I'll try actually getting farther in book two. XD

Speaking of reading (this is flowing much better than what's in my head...) I've been rereading the Dragon Riders of Pern series, and really wanting to find another Pern rp. However, they seemed to have all died out and/or only do the six cannon colors. (In order of size/rank: Gold, Bronze, Brown, Green, Blue, and White.) Now, it's all fine and dandy for the book series, but I like variety (and am picky) in my colors. 'Mutations', 'random inserts', 'they came from another dimension that's like Pern but not and are staying here just because an original plot couldn't have been made up in time' are all fine and dandy. Just give me more than two to three choices on colors. :\ Anyway, I'm rereading Dragonflight at the moment, and wondering why I ever hated Lessa. I didn't even remember she was a HAD (hears all dragons. It makes sense, trust me.). :\ Maybe because I read that book for the first time in three hours and did mostly skimming? That makes since. I fear for my new thoughts on Jaxom by the time I get to The White Dragon of Pern...

*stops self from ranting* Mostly because I don't want to get into the 'useless' books of the series and the horrors that McCaffrey's son is doing to the series. She made a world that had technology and then lost it for centuries, and suddenly he comes in with some sort of magic bullshit? I think not. Although I do think I'll reread the short story (can't remember for the life of me what it's called...) where it shows those Riders who have went between on different Dragons and such. Yes, I'm odd and fanning. Blame the insomnia.

I think that's all that's been going on. Last night I had fun. I got to do the bullshit work of Lobby (where some asshats decide to not spill pop in one place, but two and not tell anyone about it. That was a fun mess to deck scrub off let me tell you.) and dishes. *likes easy nights* So...I think I'm off to go try to post with at least one of my HP characters...maybe...hopefully...


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I really wonder why I even missed it.

First off, sitting in Math, waitng for my teacher to show up...and he never does. That isn't the kicker. Dipshit had court today so I was stuck waiting four hours until my biology class started. Now, given, I would have only been waiting about two hours if I had math and if it ran until it's stop time at noon. But no. Instead I was stuck, wandering the halls, passing out on tables, and staring at random people as they walked by.

Of course, I loved freaking the hell out of them...but that's beside the point.

Doesn't help that Bio was then boring as hell. Didn't get the lab day I wanted...which blows. I wanted Thrusdays since I would have some amount of decent sleep. But apparently got stuck with Tuesdays. Joy. So got to go through the whole safety speach. For the umpteenth time of my life. We even get to watch a 'corney video' on Thrus. Hm. Hope it's the one we watched for Chemistry at WHS. Sorry. laughed my ass off when the kid stabs himself with a test tube...but that's just me.

On  a more positive note, I did start revamping AOBI and wrote down some stuff for AOBII. Both needed to get done so I did them.

That and attempted to draw some character stuff. Yah. Drawing and no sleep don't mix. I know this, and yet I try anyway. Go figure.

Now if you excuse me, I must go check the other three of my classes (since they're online), introduce myself, and then catch a little bit of sleep. But not too much since I apparently work tomorrow night when I said TAKE ME OFF THE WEEK DAYS. It seems Karen is a little deaf.


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