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Alright! Time for anime updates, work updates, life updates, countdown to NaNo and the countdown to Youmacon. And maybe even some politics thrown in. Because really, the presidential debate tonight made me want to throw tomatoes at them both.

*coughs* Ahem. So anyway, under each cut will be my rants. My fingers are gonna be hurtin' after this one. :D

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...that's a lot in this post. XD Hmm. Maybe I'll go play some WoW now. Or something. *pokes plotting book for NaNo. Maybe I'll go do that. whatever. :D


happy got all of that out finally psycho

Orphan Act

Sep. 29th, 2008 10:57 am
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This is a very serious matter that will hurt anyone who has ever made a creative work. It was passed by the Senate and now must go through the House to be put into law. By this law, anyone who has created anything would have to pay to have their work copyrighted by a private company or else it becomes free reign for larger companies to use and copyright themselves without any contribution to the original artist. So please, send the email to your House Rep. PLEASE repost this information anywhere and everywhere to spread the word. People's livelihoods are at stake.

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Sep. 27th, 2008 08:18 pm
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So, the past few nights I've been training on how to run midnights, and feeling like I've been failing epically. By epically, I mean almost screwing up the entire store's system screwing up. And miscounting the deposits and backup...the paperwork I'm still getting down too. Mostly what paper gets stapled to what and put where in the filing cabneint. People keep telling me that I'm gonna power trip but really, I'm too timid to do that. No, really, I can be timid. Amazing, yes, I know. I don't like dealing with people.

But at least I can handle customer complaints. And they can't hear my thoughts. And if they can...well...nothing they can do. That would be the best call to get on the 1-800 number. "Yeah, I was on the phone and reading your managers thought's. I think you should take care of that." Besides, it's not a world like 1984 yet. Although the government seems to keep trying to make it like that.

Although it'd be really nice that when people called off, they'd be able to tell me their name coherently. Or at least don't act surprised when I say I can't understand them when they're mumbling into a cell phone and there's a lot of background noise. -____-; I feel bad for not being able to understand them, but the work phones aren't the best out there and some cellphones just pick up everything. And sometimes, people mumble, I mumble sometimes, so I understand. But asking people to speak up or clarify shouldn't make them all huffy. ;_;

Like this new bill they're trying to pass. Now, I'm all for not going into a depression. But we have to look at the long run here. There is a clause in that bill that wouldn't allow any later governments able to revise it or re discuss it once it's put into place, and that sorta scares me as a citizen. So they want to give the government unlimited control of the finances to larger companies like this without allowing the next administration to revise the bill or let alone be rid of it once it's no longer needed, but will still allow the government to basically hold its hand and tell it where to go. Is it just me, or is the world going crazier then it was before? To think, all this started back in the 40's with the first credit cards.

And look where we are now.

...I so don't know how I made that transition from work to politics. Speaking of which, didn't really catch the debate last night, but I did hear at least half an answer from which. Still voting for Mickey Mouse. He really would do better than half these loons that are trying to get in/already are in.

Although, if McCain gets elected, we may have another "hunting accident" with Palin. Wonder who she'll take out. o_______0; Killer Vice Presidents: the government's real assassins. I swear that sounded funnier in my head.

I guess I'm finally out of things to rant about...today's just full of surprises. XD


soooo not ready to deal with that computer at work again psycho


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