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hotshit = [livejournal.com profile] artist

I swear, not renaming for a long time now. I love this name and I think I can identify more with it than hotshit, which sounded kinda presumptuous to me..... Although this name means that I actually do art more than on a whim. XD Oh well, it's my dream to become one, so why the hell not! Right? Right.

Also, my coworkers told me to GO THE FUCK FOR IT on the tablet, so I'll most likely drag my friend to the mall (since we're not really roommates anymore...long/complicated story on that I might do an entry about later to make me feel better about this....mess is the only way I can describe it...) during the 2 weeks that my roommates are gone. Because one told me to just stick with paper since fate apparently wants me to have nothing to do with tablets so just stick with pencil and paper and the other one...didn't ask her for the fear of the same response. XD

So...now I just have to wait to put my checks in the bank (since I didn't put last week's in and by Monday, I'll have two) and hopefully I can get it Monday or something. Depends on when they leave. :\ I just wish they knew so I would know if I'm walking home or not on Monday morning. It would be great to have some notice. I'll ask them again tomorrow if they know anything...because I doubt Chris will know and I won't see Crystal until she picks me up tomorrow...although her coherency will be questionable. I just plain need to get up earlier and ask her.

Eventually. Well, before Monday hopefully. Mostly since at 2pm, I'm in a coma and it's hard to wake my ass up.

Right now, also looking at a lot of pretty art of Bakura (all 3 of him) in the hopes of creating an actual moodtheme. And thus making his folder the largest I have for pictures. Maybe even the whole computer if we're just counting files...

And the cast for Hetalia is now pretty much all out in the open!! I'm very happy with this cast...I'm not going to lie. It's been a very long time since I've looked forward to something that Funimation was doing. I don't think I bought an anime from them since Black Blood Brothers and that was what? 3 years ago? Something like that. September can't come fast enough!

And I'm trying to poke Chris into looking for patterns for a Robin cosplay from Witch Hunter Robin. He was talking about it last night (since some of the afternoon shift thinks I need to wear make up. Bleh. Still don't see the point.) and got me excited for it again. He's been teasing me about doing it since...graduation. 5 years. AND HE KNOWS HOW BAD I WANNA COSPLAY HER!!! Bastard.


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Hetalia )

Long post is long. XD


doesn't wanna go to work tonight psycho
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Here's the other half! *sings the 'html takes too damn much work' song*

Boo ^_^ )

There, done. I don't want to look at html for a few days. XP

In case I don't post again, have a good Easter everyone. I know I will...hopefully...


is hoping work is somewhat bareable psycho
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Very image heavy post people...there's a lot of icons...>:D

And if any of you want the code for this/instructions on how to put it up, just comment and I'll just give you the notepad with everything in it. I don't care if you people hotlink, it's the rest of the world. >XP And all of these are 100x100 in the set...I didn't feel like setting values along with everything else.

EDIT: Now with credits where I know them! Most of these were from photobucket, so only God knows who made them.

A lot of images and damn HTML... )

The other half will be up as soon as I finish. :D


half way done psycho


May. 6th, 2007 03:05 pm
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Well, finals are done, school's out for the summer, and I'm sleepy. I got off of work at 6 this morning and get to go back at 6 tonight. Isn't that just fun in a handbasket? Yah. I thought so too.

*yawn* So. Been doing basically nothing with my life. Really pissed at the people who run ACEN right now. My group is one of the four that we know of where our checks haven't gone through yet. And to add to the fun of that, they sent out the badges two weeks ago. Now mind you, not everyone is gonna get their badges in two weeks and there's this guy who's about to sue them for it. I say go guy, because they're sure as hell fucking it up this year.

So that's what's been going on. Created yet another icon-based mood icon set. Go me and boredom, and am off for a nap. Ug. I feel sorry for the people I'm gonna be working with tonight.


bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeggggg psycho


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