Aug. 4th, 2010 07:40 pm
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So, the crew convention was boring as all hell, but I was able to see some of my friends from Woodhaven. Who were complaining up a storm until my store manager looked at them and explained how much easier they had it than our crew. Which shut them up. OH NO. THEY DON'T HAVE 17 PEOPLE LIKE LUNCH/GET BREAKS/HAVE TWO EXTRA PEOPLE THAN WE DO/a bunch of other shit. Seriously, they don't know how much easier their midnight shift is. At all.

After that fun 2.5 hours of complete and utter bullshit (and learning that since it's our franchises' 50th year, we are going to do a lot of promotions. u____________u), went to the mall for some shop-theraphy. My Yugioh collection grew by two volumes because they finally had the ones I was on! Also am buying Shaman King out of order. u__u They never have the volume I'm on and I know the plot otherwise so I don't think it's a big deal. Also started Pandora Hearts because I can. Still waiting for the next volume of 07-Ghost and I need to look on Border's website for my other series. I also REALLY need to do another manga inventory and update my manga post. I almost miss counting how many different series I have/how many volumes I own.

As for the moment...watching my roommate play FFXIII. We've already decided that Seipher and Zell had a kid and named him Snow...because we can and we like making up headcannon crack. I missed having them around. XD


gonna read manga and/or doodle. maybe nap psycho
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So, aside from the daily meme, thanks to some tutorials and a conversation over MSN the other night, I finally decided to take another crack at making some icons. These turned out really good in my own opinion...especially compared to my FAILS of the past. XD Even if most of them are of Bakura...or Yami no Bakura..., and two PrussiaxPrussia and one RussiaxAmerica. DON'T JUDGE ME.

And only one preview...XD

8 icons )

bathed in moonlight, I proclaimed my angel's cry )

Anywho, yesterday was a pretty productive day. Went out to the mall, bought Soul Silver and this Dragon game for my DS, and asstons of manga surprising OH, Borders FINALLY had the last volume of Hellshing!!! YES! ANOTHER COMPLETED SERIES FOR ME! Also picked up the last two books to a trilogy I'm reading...which surprising has dragons as the main focus. XD

What can I say? I love my dragons. X3


really should be getting to bed soon psycho
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Well, my 'weekend' went really well this week. Bought a lot of stuff and actually did a couple of things that were productive!

Monday had a manager's meeting, which went alright. I got my performance review and a raise! YAY. Apparently, I'm not sucking as much as I usually do, although that does mean that I fell short of my goal. It was to have the absolute worst times in the store, but apparently my own roommate is beating me by 2 seconds. *sigh* I guess the #2 spot isn't so bad. We went to Applebees (the four of us...out during the day...I swear we're an apartment filled with vampires.) and then BORDERS RUN! I started Yu-Gi-Oh! finally. As much as I love that show, one would think that I would have started that series like, ages ago. And finally bought the last volume of Yu Yu Hakusho. It just still feels so weird that I have completed that series...

Anywho, Tuesday, I did nothing, which was amazing. Every once in awhile, I just need a day where I don't do anything but lie in bed and play online, sleep, read, draw, and watch anime. It's very nice and a good way to recharge the old batteries.

Wednesday, renewed my state I.D., since it expired on my birthday and I finally had the will to sit in the Secretary of State office. Ug. I hate going there, it's always so boring and everyone always glares at each other. Like the old couple that were sitting across from me. Very uncomfortable for reading manga in, no matter how hard I tried to ignored them. Went to the mall afterwords, one of my roommates needing to buy some work pants, bought some shirts, and more manga. Junjou Romantica is now almost complete, started Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, vol. 5 of Silver Diamond, and THEY FINALLY HAD THE FIRST VOLUME OF KUROSHITSUJI!!!!!! Oh, and the first two volumes of Soul Eater. ^^ I have a lot of manga to occupy my time with at the moment.

Played Dungeons and Dragons on Wed. too, our DM's first run!! Although we paused about halfway into it because we were all getting tired, our group was almost taken out by three swarms of rats. We killed the dire rats no problem, but those swarms...little bitches. For some reason, we would roll really low on them. :\ That and my wolf kept biting people...evil little thing. :D

So, that's about it. Hopefully work isn't too bad tonight. ^^


kinda relaxed psycho

Bored now.

Mar. 9th, 2010 06:14 pm
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I could be writing/drawing something right now, but that takes coaxing my muse into doing something and I don't have the urge to do that right now. Just got done playing on Facebook, and fighting with Farmville. My cousins/uncle wouldn't let up on me until I added them, and of course the app was being all douchy. Oh well, at least it's finally taken care of. I swear, even when they're up in the boonies they still find me and pressure me to play games. :P

Other than that, still waiting for Kyo Kara Maou to download. I just want to watch my episode! Really! With the audio/video not screwed up. =_= Ah well. Caught up with FMA, Durrrarara dullalalala, and finally read the two volumes of Yu Yu Hakusho that I bought ages ago. It's sad, according to the preview, the next volume is the last one of the series. It's kinda weird to, I mean, I started buying the manga right after I bought Demon Diary, my very first manga series EVER. And I've been collecting them as they come out...for like 4 years now. It's kinda odd to have a series like that coming to an end like that. It's supposed to come out this month, but knowing Border's, they won't have it until the summer. I miss Media Play so much...because they would have it on sale like, a week before they were supposed to go on sale. :D

Haven't done anything else really. Been re-reading last year's NaNo to see if I feel like writing anything in it and fixing the errors that I find. Like where Write or Die ate entire paragraphs/dialogue that makes the rest of the page make no sense. I need to update where I posted it online...the broken version is still all over the interwebs. Re-read the chapter I'm working on for A Slice of Life too, and remembering how much research I've been putting into it since one of the characters is originally from Germany who just transfered to the States.

shameless pimping of my writing journal: done

Went back over my old journal entries too...and I can finally see where people tell me that I've mellowed out a LOT since I moved out of my parent's house. I was so angry and crazy. Now I'm just crazy with less of the angry. Sorta. Well...when it doesn't come to work anyway. :P

This turned out a lot longer than I meant it to be. >_o


perhaps going to do something productive now psycho
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Nano in 10 days.
Youmacon in 8 days.

Just a "quick" update. When I start these things, I rarely know how they'll turn out unless I haven't ranted in awhile. But whatever. Hopefully you all know the deal by now. :P

So, insurance is a bitch, and we've been shopping around for it. Anyone know of any cheap car insurance companies? I know of Look, since that's my mom's but I'm not sure the quote they gave my roomie...but just asking to see if anyone knows of any. Ug. I forgot how much hassle getting a car was initially. Just gotta keep telling myself (and the other two) that it's worth it to just get it over with. That way, midnight Taco Bell runs! And Slurpie runs! Oh do I miss those slurpie runs. 7-eleven! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR AWESOMENESS!!!!

Otherwise, have been watching bits and pieces of anime that I think came out last season or the season before, like Fate Stay Night and Zombie Loan (which came out a year ago, yes, I know. Then again, I still have to get past episode 3 of Darker than Black.). Have also been going back to my early teen-hood and finding anime like Monster Rancher and Digimon and watching them and remember how mad I would get when I missed one episode. And how that led to my ever growing addiction today. So many anime, so little time.

One bad thing is that I noticed that I've been reading less manga, which is generally better. Like the Pokemon manga. I adore the Pokemon manga that I need to find still. I don't know which box it is in or if one of my brothers have it. Need to find out because I really wanna read it again. and Pokemon Magic I think it was called. cracked out shit that was.

Also, if you see me online, yell at me to post in my rps. I've been neglecting them and need to get myself back in them. I don't wanna lose my chari's!

I do have some good news though. I have almost my full cast of characters for this year's NaNo and somewhat of a plot, but I've never plotted anything larger than a simple idea. I view my first drafts as huge free writes that I'll get to go back and *shudder* edit one day. I hate editing, so much. Whatever.

I'm also starting the Christmas Sketching early this year! *gasp* I know! Blasphemy! Some may actually get them on Christmas instead of....many many months after...or not at all as I tend to forget about them sadly. Or I never have inspiration, or run out of paper. Or something else entirely comes up. ...never let me take commissions. NEVER.

So, I'm taking requests. Either specific or let me choose something. Either way, I'll try to even get them colored. I need some sort of reprieve for my poor muse who's gonna be working really hard in November.

I think that's it...yah...that's it.


needs to buy more paper psycho


Aug. 15th, 2008 04:04 am
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For those that didn't know, yes, it is true. I'm not sure when volume 12 is going to be released by Tokyopop or anything, but I do know the scanlation website, who I guess have been scanning. Although it does sorta takes away the mystery of volume 11's even, and about time. X3

Just had to get the excitement out.


love it says the psycho


Jul. 1st, 2008 08:34 am
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So, the cruise sucked, royally. For one thing, my internet kept going out, which didn't make me happy at work. Plus, the night of the cruise, it took two monsters to get through the night. Didn't help Jonnee didn't get her lazy ass out of the office until 4, and spent two hours deck scrubbing the floors. Okay, I'm lazy, I can get away with doing the floors for about ten minutes per floor. How the hell she took 2 hours to do three is beyond me. Wasn't like she was helping us while we were getting out asses kicked during breakfast. *sigh* I don't know what broke her, but whatever did, broke her bad.

Sunday was loads of 'fun' too, and of course Mel was picky as always. I swear, I want a list from her of everything she wants done and how she wants it done. It would make my life 10x easier on the weekday mornings. One thing I do like about the weekends: depending on the opening manager, I know what they expect.'s like no matter what we try to do, she changes it up. As 'fun' as that is, I'd rather know what the hell she wants. It'd make her life easier too since we'd actually get it done instead of her finding things not done and us hearing all about it on the way out. Then again, she shouldn't tell us to check ourselves out either. That's another problem we seem to be having at the store...

Ug. And Friday's the Fourth. God save me, because I don't know which is worse. The cruise or the Fourth of July. At least at Woodhaven I didn't have to deal with this bullshit. That and I was part of the crack crew. *emo tear* I miss my crack crew.

Enough of that bullshit. Yesterday, actually went to Borders in the bomb, to update series and such. Got the next two volumes of the Death Gate Cycle, and had to have Crystal and Chris yell at me to put the last two books back. -_- It's just that no one carries those books and when they do, they never have the ones I need. Well, now I just need three more books and that series is done. Thank goodness.

Rebought Demon Diary 5, even though I have no idea if that's the volume I needed to rebuy. I know I needed to get one of the volumes again, I just didn't remember which one. I think I should go look and see, but whatever. We won't discuss how many times I've bought the same volume twice because of my horrible memory. not because I have too many series. Not at all. Also was pleasantly surprised that the next volume of Yu-Yu's already out, and I say damn straight. Shonen Jump have been really pokey with this manga and it's killing me. I mean, it used to come out 4 times a year. Now we're down to two, maybe three if we're lucky. Two more arcs! And that's including the one I'm on! Pick up the pace! And I don't care that it's in your monthly magazine! Bump it up! Also picked up volume four of FMA...I really hope that's the one I needed. >>

Then, went to Best Buy, which is a really evil store to take me to. Especially when Suncoast died. ;_________; Bought my long awaited final disk set of Black Blood Brothers as well as the first Gundam Wing box set. I would have picked up the other one if they had it in stock. I'm sure I'll be able to find it somewhere. For the moment, I'm enjoying my 25 episodes in great quality and on my television so HA~

That's the way my week's been so far. Might call some people today like Sarah and Heather. Maybe. If I have the time. I might try to haggle the car from mom so we can go up to the DIA, which looks like we're not going to go to day. D: Damn bomb. Useless!!

Well, going to read more of Junjou Romantica (because really. you all wanted to know that. XD). Maybe I'll rant more if I can think of more crap. XD


is already looking to next Monday psycho
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Oh glorious food. I love grocery shopping~ And of course, I went to Borders, who seems to like pissing me off. Like today, they had all soft cover FMA, and no hard covers. I knew I should have bought more than one...Knew it! But the covers are still shiny, so win for me still!

Manga list:

FMA: vol. 2-3
Hoshin Engi: vol. 1-2
Shaman King: 6-7

*gasp* Six volumes instead of five! The horror! And I found out that Yu-yu had it's release awhile ago, and they still don't have it. u_____________________________________u' Border's is slipping up and they need to stop. Either that or I need to take a walk and pray the eight lanes of traffic on Fort doesn't kill me. Borders Express > Borders all the time. Well, that and if the weather feels like warming up. I swear this is the seventh winter storm we've had this season. Although I like ice storms. The trees always look so pretty.

That and I need to start writing more, even if I've been practicing my sketching... even if none of it will see the light of day. Proportions? What are those? They're not important. Not at all. :P


stopping before the ramble sets in psycho
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Well, per usual, Monday was a mall trip. It wasn't very long, mostly because Crystal and I are both sick, and it was just one of those days you just want to sleep away. (I did that too... my insomnia is breaking again. Yay! hopefully, it stays gone for a longer length of time rather than for a week...) Ug. I really wish she didn't make me sick, but then again, I need at least one cold a year. u__u Doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

So, went to Borders, where they still don't have 'Mystery', and a trip to Fairlane seems nearly impossible unless I can figure out the damn bus system, which I'm going to have to do anyway because of school. Unless we get a car. That would be nice. *nod-nod* Anyway, here's the list!

FMA-vol. 1
Shaman King-vol.4-5
King of Hell-vol. 6-7
and a Sesshomaru bookmark

What really sucks is that FMA is $16 a pop because for some reason, the only paperbacks are the novels and they only sell the hard cover manga. Which is pretty cool I guess. I like it, so I'll just keep getting the hard cover instead of spending my days looking for the soft cover. I really wish I bought two to three volumes instead of one though... And I found out that the Soul Hunter (which I'm re-watching the anime of...*cries* I can't find the dub anywhere!) manga is out! Although they kept the Japanese name (HOSHiN ENGi) as the title. That might have been the reason I never seen it on the shelves. I love Shonen Jump for advertising it though, because now I have another goal! Yesh!

And Chris is buying Twin Signal. <3 The anime was really too short, but after reading the manga...I can see why. It's kinda random. :P

So, I've been doing that and working on Crystal's site. I took the task of making the 'sea monster' catagory, since she wants a realistic world with connections from the magical world to the muggle world. So, I'm thinking it will be simple and easy. Ha. Hahahahaha. Watch me laugh at myself. Why does the world need 6 written pages of seas? Why? I just gave up on some of the arctic ones and the ones in the 'newly' created Southern Ocean (why do we need another one?) since they're that tiny. And I've been ignoring the gulfs and bays. If magical sea creatures go up to the land, they're not part of my jurisdiction. *curt nod*

If anyone has information on myths, legends, creatures, or anything else that comes from the sea/ocean (or knows another site that has massive amounts of it besides wiki), please lend me your knowledge! It'd be greatly appreciated. *bow*

With that said, I'm gonna finish up Sea Serpents, which will most likely be the easiest of anything I do.


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Well, it seemed the beginning of my day started rather iffy. Mostly with Sonya deciding to spill my orange juice all over my keyboard last night. Now, it worked fine when I wiped it down last night, but it seemed that this morning, it didn't feel like working for me. Anything from the 'z, x, c, v, b, n, and m line down didn't feel like working. So I got to play 'take off the keys' and tried to clean it that way. Seems that didn't work either, so I had to use the on-screen keyboard to do any typing, which was fun.

So, I got to go out and buy a new keyboard. It's a cheap one, but it gets the job down and still has everything I want. Mainly the keys that allow me to change my media player songs from it. I'm a very simple person to please, I know. And my sleep button is in a much safer place than my other one, where I'd hit it all the time This is no where near my 'launch browser' button. Yes, I'm that lazy I don't wanna move a mouse to do so. XD

I bought some blank CDs, because I am a music junkie and like to share my music at work. Mostly because I have rather obscure crap. Like Iceman. Can't find anything of theirs...anywhere. *cries* Why must I like obscure things?!? Obscure pairings, obscure music, obscure everything! *angsts in a corner*

I'm done with that bullcrap. I bought manga too! Of course, can't go to the mall and not buy manga. :D

Vol. 8 of Godchild (the final volume~ I'm not sure what happens yet...I still need to read it...)
vol. 4-5 of King of Hell
Vol. 2-3 of Shaman King.

Not a large haul, but then again, if I really wanted to, I could have found a new series and/or got more of Shaman King. I'm just pissed because they used to have up to vol. 8 of Hellsing, of course, now that I'm that far, they don't have. *shakes fist at Borders* And I need to make a trip to Fairlane anyway. Because no one down here carries 'Missing' and I'm pretty sure a second volume of that should be out by now. *sighs* And then, have to wait until around November for the new Loveless and... Gah!! I hate waiting!!!!!

*cough* And so is my rant. Hope it alleviated some boredom. :D


off for a well-deserved nap psycho
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So, did the check thing today and went on a quick shopping trip to borders. I don't know why, but I've been dead tired all day/night and haven't really snapped out of it yet. However, per usual, you get a list!

Series-Deathgate Cycle
vol. 1 Dragon's Wing
Vol. 2 Elven Star
(I haven't read this series in years, and even then, only 1, 6, and half of 2. The library never seemed to get its hands on it all. I decided to make this my pet project of the year. To buy/read all seven volumes. Let alone that one that Chris keep trying to get me into. XP I'll read it, eventually.)

Card Captor Sakura: 2-3
Trinity Blood: 3
Shaman King: 1
Godchild: 7

As for Godchild, Riff's still evil. ;____________________________________; Although you do get to see Cain handcuffed to I think it was a couch, and Jezebel's (the creepy doctor that wants everyone's eyes...) way too freaky past. Hugging intestines and saying how even someone like him is warm on the inside. Yeah. And I can't wait for next month. Although it's the last volume... *sighs* That's one bad thing about completing series/waiting for the new volume to come over. Gotta find a new source of addiction.

So I finally picked up Shaman King. Yes, it's Shonen Jump and yes, they most likely left some stuff out. But I checked their translations of Yu Yu with Crystal's Japanese manga, and it was page for page. So I'm hoping for something like that again. I like Shonen Jump, I always have. I thought that they are a good company for getting people into Manga. ^_^

So, with that, gonna squee a little more about not having to see that damn box that says 'no comments, post an entry' on my writing journal. Props to Chasity, for commenting and getting it the hell off there!!


feeling tired/under the weather psycho
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Hm. Lets recount what happened today. It's been a very interesting and very fun day to say the least. It all started with 'lets go cash your check' and it just went downhill from there.

When it's all said and done, we now have a total of 21 beta fish, 5 bought today. Put a deposit on this really cute kitten which looks a lot like Spaz, but less white under the chin. She's so adorable. *squee* and manga. I'll give the listing later. Requires more work then I'm willing to put in at the second. Meaning I'd have to get up. Then got some groceries and more vases to put the fish in. They do very well with it, which I'm rather surprised that they do. The female betas are happy in their tank, figuring out their place in the hiarchy of it all. It's awesome, the smallest one is the one we think is going to be the top, she's showing all the other girls their place. XD

Hm. Manga list!

Vol. 2 of The Demon Ororon
Vol. 5 Loveless
Vol. 12 of Yu Yu
Vol. 5 of Godchild
Vols. 4-5 of Descendants of Darkness

I can't remember for the life of me if I have vol. 11 of Yu Yu, I should really go check that...later. I'm way too comfy to get up and go look. :P So I guess that's it. I ish getting a kitten! Yayz!! :D:D


getting my b-day present late, but happy I got it!
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Well, nothing's been going on lately. I've just been downloading manga, reading it, uploading it on a photobucket I created specifically for manga. Been downloading a load of anime too. My poor computer has very little memory left. :3 I need to get an external hard drive because, well, I just need to . My addictions require lots of memory and my poor baby just doesn't have it at the moment.

Other then that, just been chillin' and taking life as it comes. Hate people with a passion right now because they keep me from finishing my work and, but other then that it's alright. Found that they are other anime finatics and I'm actually working with them! *gasp* People I can actual fan with. :3 yay fanning.

And that's about it. Have done very little writing and my drawing..well....I've been doing little tidbits here and there. Nothing really major.

So, that's about it.


really bored and boring psycho
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Well. RAM came, ended up not being compadible, reordered, and using the one apparent chip that works. Oh well. That was pretty much the only downer today.

Well, sorta. Woke up after only like, four or five hours of sleep when I've been getting like, eight lately. Anyway, went out to lunch at this Chinese place out in Linkin park, where we then proceeded to go to Game Stop and check out games. And watch everyone try their hands at Guitar Hero, which was enterataining. Needless to say, I sucked. Really bad. Then checked out some shoes for cosplaying, and went into K B Toys and got a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel disk and some cards.

Then we traveled to Borders, where I have extended my manga collection.

Pet Shop of Horrors: Vol. 4-6 (THEY FINALLY HAD 4!!!!!)
Angel Sanctuary: vol. 5+7
Descendants of Darkness: vol. 1
King of Hell: vol. 2

After that, went to Dairy Queen and Blockbusters. Bought a few movies and stuff. Then ran to my mom's house, picked up the RAM (which we didn't know was faulty) and some boxes of my crap. Found most of my CDs and Deathnote! I missed my Deathnote. So much.

Still need to see if that works. >:D

*cough* So that's my day in a nutshell. So now I sit with my poor computer, who's actually keeping up pretty good with all the crap I'm making it do. *pets it* Poor thing.


I have my computer back...sorta...psycho


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