Sep. 30th, 2010 08:11 pm
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Made an icon post over here. Mostly of Prussia. Because half way through I was like "maybe I'll throw some FrUK in there. OH LOOK AT THE CUTE AUSTRIA/PRUSSIA PICTURE!! *icons that one instead*" and that idea was thrown out the window. XD

Otherwise...been sick. And acting like a fool over IM, because that's what I'm good at. Very much so yes.


hacking up a lung and gonna go to work early to figure out the damn new register system psycho
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Last night at work was not fun. The other Southgate store lost all power, so of course, that meant mine was busy as all hell. And then factor in the fact that one of my crew's diabetes was acting up.... And before that had a tornado apparently touch down like, 2 miles south of my house. Again. Oh Downriver bubble...why aren't you protecting us now?

I'm glad I'm home.

Watched the Hetalia dub before I went in though, AND OMG EXCITED CAPS LOCK FLAIL!! Seriously, totally looking forward to the dub coming out. September can NOT come fast enough!!

Speaking of fangirling, totally back into my Bakura-fan stage. Even a part of an icon community and everything! [ profile] dnfwtf if you wanna watch! My actual update is here!!. time!!

Last day of the Hetalia Meme! )

Music is a 2fer! )


loves to music spam psycho
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So, aside from the daily meme, thanks to some tutorials and a conversation over MSN the other night, I finally decided to take another crack at making some icons. These turned out really good in my own opinion...especially compared to my FAILS of the past. XD Even if most of them are of Bakura...or Yami no Bakura..., and two PrussiaxPrussia and one RussiaxAmerica. DON'T JUDGE ME.

And only one preview...XD

8 icons )

bathed in moonlight, I proclaimed my angel's cry )

Anywho, yesterday was a pretty productive day. Went out to the mall, bought Soul Silver and this Dragon game for my DS, and asstons of manga surprising OH, Borders FINALLY had the last volume of Hellshing!!! YES! ANOTHER COMPLETED SERIES FOR ME! Also picked up the last two books to a trilogy I'm reading...which surprising has dragons as the main focus. XD

What can I say? I love my dragons. X3


really should be getting to bed soon psycho
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I cross posted this to my other two journals, so I decided to do the same here. :P Since I haven't been writing, I've been trying to keep the creative juices flowing, and crappy icons done in paint is the result. The colored ones were colored when I saved them, so I get no brownie points there. XD day I will figure out photoshop. It'll be past never, but whatever.


At least it's something creative )
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Very image heavy post people...there's a lot of icons...>:D

And if any of you want the code for this/instructions on how to put it up, just comment and I'll just give you the notepad with everything in it. I don't care if you people hotlink, it's the rest of the world. >XP And all of these are 100x100 in the set...I didn't feel like setting values along with everything else.

EDIT: Now with credits where I know them! Most of these were from photobucket, so only God knows who made them.

A lot of images and damn HTML... )

The other half will be up as soon as I finish. :D


half way done psycho
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But I'm making lame icons instead. I found a community that had Heat Guy J screen caps and they had vampire and I couldn't help myself! Really!! I should make my own screen caps... I need more of the wolf head guy...the day I remember his name will be the day I actually make my own screen caps. It makes me want to watch this series for a third run. But I'm doing that with Gundam Wing (5th time and still not old!) at the moment, so I'd rather wait. Speaking of waiting, I can't wait until Kyou Kara Maou R Episode two is subbed! Nor can I wait until the other three episodes are released and there's even a rumor of a third season being released! *fangirls* Mm. I should start watching Naruto again, and Shaman King...and Get Backers...and Darker Than Black...and D.Gray-man...and Lucky Star... there's so many on my list now. -_-' What happened to the days where I didn't have any? Oh. Right. Died the day I got my own laptop.

So, got an update on my uncle, and was told he was eating again which is a very good thing I'm taking it as. We still don't know if he's going to be home for Christmas though or if he'll still be in the hospital. My Grandma really wants everyone to be around each other, since the last time we were was... uh...a family reunion when I was like, 5. Oh, and grandpa's funeral, but that one doesn't count. It sort of puts me in an awkward position because I really want to see my mom's side of the family too, I mean, I haven't seen them since...June? May? I don't remember, it was near spring/ beginning of summer though and mom already said we're not visiting them on Christmas. I really hope I get the day after off (haha. I made a funny.) so I can see them. But that's doubtful.

So, that's what I've been up to. Joining communities, making icons, and poking my muse with a stick. Hopefully I'll get something done before I have to go to work. -_-' And hopefully my back feels like not giving out. That'll be nice, even if it is a shot in the dark.

So, I'll leave you all with that. *wave* Have a good one.


procrastinating psycho


Jun. 5th, 2007 10:26 am
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I found a lot of icons yesterday on photobucket, since I was bored and just running around. If you see one that you made and I didn't credit (if I used it for the mood section, go ahead and tell me if you see one there. I guess I can start  a list right here) please tell me. I don't want to be known as one that steals icons and then doesn't credit, so I'll credit where I can. ><; *sigh* Go me. THE NATURAL BORN SCREW UP STRIKES AGAIN!!


natural born screw up psycho


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