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Thanks all for your get well wishes! I'm not 100% yet, but I'm slowly getting there. I think the worst of it is over...hopefully. I've been laying down all day so I don't know if I'll still get dizzy or not if I'm standing up for long periods of time....oh well.

And...there are a lot of pictures. A lot. Kino, don't shoot me because your area is small...istillloveyoukay?

Where I shut the fuck up and spam you all with pictures. NSFW JIC )

Well...I should sleep...I have a manager meeting today and all...in before I roll around in bed until 11 and then finally pass out. XD


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Last night at work was not fun. The other Southgate store lost all power, so of course, that meant mine was busy as all hell. And then factor in the fact that one of my crew's diabetes was acting up.... And before that had a tornado apparently touch down like, 2 miles south of my house. Again. Oh Downriver bubble...why aren't you protecting us now?

I'm glad I'm home.

Watched the Hetalia dub before I went in though, AND OMG EXCITED CAPS LOCK FLAIL!! Seriously, totally looking forward to the dub coming out. September can NOT come fast enough!!

Speaking of fangirling, totally back into my Bakura-fan stage. Even a part of an icon community and everything! [livejournal.com profile] dnfwtf if you wanna watch! My actual update is here!!.

Anywhoo...meme time!!

Last day of the Hetalia Meme! )

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hotshit = [livejournal.com profile] artist

I swear, not renaming for a long time now. I love this name and I think I can identify more with it than hotshit, which sounded kinda presumptuous to me..... Although this name means that I actually do art more than on a whim. XD Oh well, it's my dream to become one, so why the hell not! Right? Right.

Also, my coworkers told me to GO THE FUCK FOR IT on the tablet, so I'll most likely drag my friend to the mall (since we're not really roommates anymore...long/complicated story on that I might do an entry about later to make me feel better about this....mess is the only way I can describe it...) during the 2 weeks that my roommates are gone. Because one told me to just stick with paper since fate apparently wants me to have nothing to do with tablets so just stick with pencil and paper and the other one...didn't ask her for the fear of the same response. XD

So...now I just have to wait to put my checks in the bank (since I didn't put last week's in and by Monday, I'll have two) and hopefully I can get it Monday or something. Depends on when they leave. :\ I just wish they knew so I would know if I'm walking home or not on Monday morning. It would be great to have some notice. I'll ask them again tomorrow if they know anything...because I doubt Chris will know and I won't see Crystal until she picks me up tomorrow...although her coherency will be questionable. I just plain need to get up earlier and ask her.

Eventually. Well, before Monday hopefully. Mostly since at 2pm, I'm in a coma and it's hard to wake my ass up.

Right now, also looking at a lot of pretty art of Bakura (all 3 of him) in the hopes of creating an actual moodtheme. And thus making his folder the largest I have for pictures. Maybe even the whole computer if we're just counting files...

And the cast for Hetalia is now pretty much all out in the open!! I'm very happy with this cast...I'm not going to lie. It's been a very long time since I've looked forward to something that Funimation was doing. I don't think I bought an anime from them since Black Blood Brothers and that was what? 3 years ago? Something like that. September can't come fast enough!

And I'm trying to poke Chris into looking for patterns for a Robin cosplay from Witch Hunter Robin. He was talking about it last night (since some of the afternoon shift thinks I need to wear make up. Bleh. Still don't see the point.) and got me excited for it again. He's been teasing me about doing it since...graduation. 5 years. AND HE KNOWS HOW BAD I WANNA COSPLAY HER!!! Bastard.


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Long post is long. XD


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For some reason, we're all going Pokemon crazy again at this house. So, to join Chris and Crystal in their playing of the DS games, I broke out my Gold and Crystal. (both Crystals have Crystal. I find that amusing.) Now, my Gold used to have almost all 250 pokemon. Except Mew and the three random spawns. I'm thinking it still does, so I go off to try to capture them to find out that my game has been erased. The game I had since I bought the damn thing is now gone, and I get to start all over again. There are no words to how pissed I am at Chad and his little friends. I tend to take my games rather seriously. Then, I started thinking about the N64 and the halfway bust that was for Nintendo. Which for some reason had me thinking about my old Sega Genesis with the 32X hook up. Which leads to Cosmic Carnage. It was a fighting game Michael and I would play to solve our differences. Which usually lead to even more differences. Happy memories of beating the crap out of each other with controllers there.

I'm just happy that he didn't save over my Crystal...which I haven't really played since I got it. The measly three badges should tell that whole story. I need to find my old Red and Blue. I had glitches I had caught with the unlimited master balls. I loved that cheat. For some reason, both Michael and I were stupid enough to believe that they would turn into Rhydon (I think that's how you spell it) if they sat in the box long enough. I don't remember who in our old neighborhood started that rumor, but as pre-teen/very early teen, we were gullible.

Thank God I migrated to Gundam Wing after that. XD Which reminds me...I haven't seen my playing cards since I moved... Yes, there is a Gundam Wing card game. I have only found the booster packs once at Kmart, and that was back when I was 13 and the show was just coming out. ... Wow. I've been in that fandom for awhile. Hmm. Maybe I'll find more of those packs at a con one day. I can only hope. or if we ever go to the fabled anime store in Columbus that Crystal and Chris are always going on about. That'd be nice

So...that's my random video game post. I'm off to do more character designs. Vlad, Yasuo, Rp!Yasuo, that means you.


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