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Was sketching with charcoal (omg! Different medium!) and was thinking. I make up stories sometimes in my head, just little drabbles as I sketch, and this is what came out of my head as I was drawing...Yes, I'm odd and weird and begging for attention? What of it?

Drabble's under here! )

That is all. :D


I did something productive! psycho

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Um, well, yah. Tried to change my layout to a custom one. It was this really cool DNAngel one, but for some reason, it didn't have a bottom scroll bar nor did it let you see the right half of the page. ;_; One day, I will learn CSS so that I will be able to fix crap like this!!

On another note, joined a Loveless community, and hopefully will make my fanfiction comeback. Seeing as most of my chaptered ones died, I'll go with little oneshot drabbles for now. I'm thinking baby steps. It's sad. Apparently, my debuet one wasn't that great, so my muse throws in a quick little abuse fic. u_u; I hate abuse fics. Why am I contradicting myself?!?

Well, that's about it. Training complete retards in the grill and hating every minute of it. Damn Forgot to get an app for Hodge...>:) Beth and I will get him a job there yet!!

Until next time, Peace.

it's so time for bed psycho
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So after an extremely long break from writing fanfiction, I wrote a Loveless oneshot. It's really nothing more then a drabble, which I should start calling it. It's bascially a biology lesson in fanfic form...because I'm a science geek and stuff...yah...

Well, finally found out Sukisyo's English name, because Heaven forbid people don't use Kanji (because I can't read it, yet) and tell me how it's spelled. *cough* Anyway, downloading that so yay! More anime for Crystal!! *snickers* I love episode 13. The 'mistress' is awesome. "I want to be a woman!!!" Hahaha. Stupid man.

Had a little shindig last night where only Hodge and Angie showed up, which was two more people then I expected to. Mostly sat around making fun of Twilight Zone's and watching I love the 80's in 3D (Oh no! ph3ar it!!!) and when Angie came, we got Michael to get out of his bed and like, play Apples to Apples with us. Which is the most awesome game in the world!! As in, I would kill for that game. Meaning I need to go buy it...

At least it wouldn't be another Monopoly disaster. :P So that's about it. I have nothing else to talk about.


bored as hell and wasted my muse on a drabble psycho


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