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Rants are separated by day, so it's like a pick and choose game! Don't mind me, I need some sugar but alas, we have none. u__u'

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So, with that long rant, I'm off to post in a few rps...well one anyway. u______________u No one likes Senna. I think I have to spam Crystal's boards a little with her. *grins* And download some anime I've been wanting to, and kept passing by, write out a creature description for Crystal anyway on sea serpents. One thing good about Rowling's swiss cheese world: you can fill in the holes any way you want. :P Ug. I need to download some programs too...


forgot how much work this getting a new system is psycho
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I swear, I have no luck with computers at all. XD It all started with it going slow, I swear, all I did was open that damn thing, and just shrugged it off as the really outdated avg trying to do a scan while updating again, stopped it, and went on my merry way.

Then I sign into Yahoo and get script errors all over the place. Okay, so Yahoo's bugging out on me. It's a beta version, it bugs out all the time. So I open the support ticket, report what it's doing, and then realize that explorer is the default. And since the error says that it's all explorer's fault, I just switch the browser defaults to see if that works. No cookies there. So I do the whole 'system restart' thing where you power down the machine and wait ten seconds to power it back up. That didn't work either. So, I just put the people that I was talking to (my list is longer than it should be, half my friends don't use yahoo. :\) into the new MSN messenger since it can do the whole yahoo-msn chat thing. And I used that for awhile.

Getting tired of MSN's lame smilies...yes, I find them lame, I decided to try to uninstall and reinstall Yahoo. O.M.G. I swear, third time really is the charm, because it took that many tries for me to be able to install it.

Then, since I wanted to do something else for the good of the laptop, I uninstalled and reinstalled avg since it was really out of date. So, that goes without problem, and I do a computer scan. Of course, there are a TON of viruses, so I through them in the vault for later 'seek and destroy' and restart my computer. And of course, the computer spazes. So, I get back into avg, put all the infected crap back, and here we are. I really hope I didn't break the computer, I really do. Then I'd have to replace it before I got mine...

Ug. I can't wait to get my own. Then I'd reinstall everything I'd uninstall because of this. ...*looks at new scan* How the hell is AIM infected?!? I just fixed that!!! Ug. I'm done. -_-'

On a side note, started Tsubasa up again!! <3


fighting with the computer will make me grumpy for work psycho


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