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So, finally on vacation, and let me tell you it feels really good. Although I planned to do nothing by relax, it seems that my family wants to do nothing but see me and I keep getting dragged out of the house when I want nothing more than to just sit around mine and just vegetate and maybe get some cleaning done. Maybe. Possibly. One day my room will be cleaned. One day.

Went to Borders and Borders Express yesterday to take advantage of their going out of business sale, which is really depressing to me because they are the only bookstores in the area. I bought a lot of books anyway, $100 at each store just about. I might go back if the sales go back up and pick up some hardcovers that I passed up this time, because hardcovers are expensive as all hell. And I did get a whole boxset...the first 6 books of Warriors. Yes, the cat books. Because if there's one thing that even comes close to my love/adoration for dragons, it's cats.

Also now have the complete Strawberry Panic! collection. It's the cutest shojou-ai in the world and I love it to pieces. I bought the completed manga volume a few months ago I believe and bought the complete novel collection during this binge. As far as manga goes, I didn't buy that much. Volume 4 of Kuroshitsuji and volume 9 of Silver Diamond. I think I'm missing volume 7 of Silver Diamond, but I need to check really bad. Still pissed that neither borders had II of Kizuna. :/ But both stores had 1 and 3. Fuckers.

But, I am going to a used book store I believe with a friend today. Which means even more reading material.

And this is all on top of the used books I bought a few weeks ago. I believe I have plenty of reading material now, although I finished a few of the used books, halfway through a book I bought the other day, and started on one of the other ones I bought.

Why yes, I read like, 7 books at once. I can't sit around and read just one at a time. XD


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Feb. 28th, 2009 06:51 pm
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Lets see, what I've been up to...mostly a whole lot of nothing but that's not anything new. Found out that I get to do my shift verification on March 23rd, which is really pissing me off because I just started the Shift Manager book in my training (which has some really, really important information that would have helped me so, so much you know, back in September when I was starting this bullshit.) and still have the class to go to and sorta don't have the dates for that either. So unless she plans to verify me and then put me in the classes, she's doing it wrong, but we all knew that already. Especially since she took away all my time to flippin' do my book. Because that was smart. Work has just been on headache after another, and pissing me the hell off.

At least they gave me the 5 days off for my birthday that I requested off. Because if they didn't, I would have to go in there tonight and start smacking bitches. Oh inventory night, how I love you!! Not. Ug. Me and my boss are gonna have bitch fits with each other, I swear. Because I don't know how to manage correctly and there's no way in hell that I'm gonna magically know how to do it the "right way" with two people. One of which I want to strangle half the time.

Other than that, I finally completed the Death Gate Cycle series and have all 7 books chillin' on my shelf. And they look so pretty completed! Now I just have to get to the good part of book 2, that's boring me to sleep. Especially since I've read books 1 and then 6 so I know what's gonna happen already. Whatever. It would make a few things make sense I'm sure. Hopefully. Also picked up Diadem and the Young Wizarding series. So I've been reading a lot of books from different book series again, which is alright I guess. Even no matter how many times I tell myself not to do it, I end up doing it anyway. Oh, finally picked up Inkspell too, especially since my roommates finally finished it. Which somehow reminds me that I need to reread The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever trilogy. My uncles would most likely like their books back after...like 8 years of me having them. :D

I also have my weight in pocky, since I went to the Japanese store and bought a ton of candy and the like. And let it be known that rice balls are love. I love rice balls. Also when on a Michael's run earlier this week, and finally bought myself a manikin, which is more helpful than I thought it would be. Of course, my new sketchbook has a lot of manikin drawings, but that's alright. I keep telling myself that I need to work on my proportions and poses, and I finally got to it. Yay! It's gonna help when I do mango too, or so I'm hoping. I still need to buy another sketchbook that's gonna be devoted for that, and create a storyline. Ewe. Storylines. :D

Oh, and I finally made a website for myself that I really need to work on but have no will to at the moment, mostly because I really don't have much to put up there yet in terms of anything decent. Whatever. I'll most likely get to it sometimes this week. It's here if you want so enjoy.


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How bad...

Jul. 23rd, 2008 12:59 am
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How bad do I want the second boxset of Gundam Wing? Bad enough to wait for Yomma and pray they have it or just order it from Best Buy and have it delivered to the office or the fedex place and have to go through that b.s.? Really? How bad?

...or ebay? Do I want to brave it?

*head desk* If I just bought the whole damn series in March like I wanted to, I wouldn't be in this mess. How the hell can they have the first box set and not have the second one? I know GW is an older series...but they have Blue Seed for crying out loud! Blue Seed! As brilliantly funny, perverted, and just all all around great that anime is, it's older than dirt. Well, not really, but you all get my point. =_=;

I can't wait until the Chinese Store (aka-mini convention store) starts getting manga and the like. Then I won't have to bother with such places. Oh they did a great thing, they even have plushies now!! Although I'm still hunting for a Duo one...I think I'll be hunting for one until I do go on ebay.

On the upside, I started one of the trilogies that I've been wanting to start. The Black Gryphon, aka the first book in the Mage Wars trilogy. I've seen the other two book around the library, and have been dying to get my hands on this one so I could read it. Although Borders at the mall did disappoint me. They neither had the next book in the Age of Fire series nor The Deathgate Cycle series. I have finally picked up the first three books of The Legend of Drizzt series. Mostly because I've been hearing a lot about it from Robyn since high school, where she got Angela into it. I would have joined in, but I was too busy trying to get into Robert Jorden's tolkinizations I mean...books to really start another series. Plus still a huge McCaffrey buff. DRoP FTW!

So, I think I'll go read some more. :P Oh Fantasy, how I missed you! <3


missed her genre psycho


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