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So, today was fun. Hung out with my mom and Chad and watched some old movies. Like Blazing Saddles and Young Dr. Frankenstein and showed mom the glories of youtube and parody videos. One of these days, I will get her into Facebook and connecting with her friends. She needs to talk to her friends more often. She might be less depressed that way.

Finished Kyo Kara Maou this morning, which leaves a gaping hole in me right now. Where yeah, I'm downloading the series right now, it just always feels like something goes missing after I finish a series. First there is the whole 'joy' part and then the lingering depression and knowledge that now, I have to find a new series to sink my teeth into. :\ I'm sure I'll find another series that I need to finish up, I do have a lot of them. Like Soul Eater. I only have like, three more episodes of that before I'm done with it. And Casshern Sins, I only have like, 4 episodes of that left. Maybe that's what I'll do tonight. Finish some anime. :D

Aaaah. It feels so nice to have a Sunday off for once. Too bad I have ASM classes this week. :\ When I took tonight off, I was looking forward to a four day vacation. Instead I have today, Monday where I have to do a lot of running around, and then three days of class. Why can't anything ever go as planned when it comes to work? I can't even blame the customers on this.

Hmm. Maybe I'll write. Maybe.


off to find something to do psycho
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And going to my mom's soon. Yay!!


going to see her mommy psycho
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And going to my mom's soon. Yay!!


going to see her mommy psycho
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I missed my music, and my fast computer. :P Here's the rant, under the lj-cut. Sometimes, I think I just like inserting html.

Rich text format? Wtf is that. XD

Family crap )

So, that was my weekend. Didn't drink a lick of alcohol, but that's alright. I had Monster instead and we all know: sugar is the best drug of all! Although I did send Chad to get me some before work...and I think the kid still has it. Oh well. I'll just make him get me some more. I miss having my gopher. Give him some money and send him up to the corner store.

...maybe I could steal him and the kitty...*evil laughter*

Besides all that, I started watching Prince of Tennis again, and making Fuji my new favorite character. I mean, he was second to only Kikimaru, but with the billiards episode...he became my fav. Mostly because he's insane, but doesn't show it often. My mom even can even watch this anime, and watched an episode with me. o_________________________________0 the woman who thinks anime is the devil watched a POT episode with me.

*thumbs up* Go Chad! Wear her down!


don't wanna go to work psycho
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OMG! I found something I actually want from my birthday! Well, aside for a safe house. Between Crystal's mom, ...Crystal..., my sperm doner, and most likely Michael and his looser ass friends (because he's the gansta Mike) wanting to take me to bars/over the border... I want these

super special awesome! )

Damn you yugioh abridged for having a store! DAMN YOU!

*cough* That is all.


wants the shirts psycho
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Well. RAM came, ended up not being compadible, reordered, and using the one apparent chip that works. Oh well. That was pretty much the only downer today.

Well, sorta. Woke up after only like, four or five hours of sleep when I've been getting like, eight lately. Anyway, went out to lunch at this Chinese place out in Linkin park, where we then proceeded to go to Game Stop and check out games. And watch everyone try their hands at Guitar Hero, which was enterataining. Needless to say, I sucked. Really bad. Then checked out some shoes for cosplaying, and went into K B Toys and got a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel disk and some cards.

Then we traveled to Borders, where I have extended my manga collection.

Pet Shop of Horrors: Vol. 4-6 (THEY FINALLY HAD 4!!!!!)
Angel Sanctuary: vol. 5+7
Descendants of Darkness: vol. 1
King of Hell: vol. 2

After that, went to Dairy Queen and Blockbusters. Bought a few movies and stuff. Then ran to my mom's house, picked up the RAM (which we didn't know was faulty) and some boxes of my crap. Found most of my CDs and Deathnote! I missed my Deathnote. So much.

Still need to see if that works. >:D

*cough* So that's my day in a nutshell. So now I sit with my poor computer, who's actually keeping up pretty good with all the crap I'm making it do. *pets it* Poor thing.


I have my computer back...sorta...psycho


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