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We're gonna do this backwards because...I feel like changing it up a little. That and it'll give my lazy ass some time to collect my thoughts. Because really. Who wants to read random little blurbs with incomplete thoughts? Hopefully you guys because...I do it more often than not.

Kick ass Loveless amv )

The Fun of Monday and beyond )

Work Bullshit )

So..that's what I've been up to. See ya on the flip side.


ready to face the idiots at work tonight pyshco
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Finally finished the amv, and I'm never using Pinnacle VideoSpin ever again. Damn program crashed my system three times last night and I'm done with it. Windows Movie Maker also has more features. All be amazed.

Also, please don't mind the really shitty clips. It's the best I could find that I could download and actually use. I may make it again after I buy the box sets, but that depends on how I'm feeling when I go to make another amv. Gundam Wing fangirl? Me?!? Neeeever.

Here are the credits that I couldn't put into the video because this program can suck my non-existent ballz.

Anime: Gundam Wing
Song Title: They Say
Song Artist: Scars on Broadway



needs a nap psycho
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So, for those of you out of the loop, I bought a tablet. Yay! However, the hardware seems to be all fucked up. Booooo! So either I deal with lines that look like they were drawn by a five year old in an earthquake (not a very strong one apparently or else the roof would collapse on the kid's head) or I get to send out another support ticked and they give me instructions on how to return the piece of shit faulty tablet.

My uncle Tony has just been admitted to the hospital again, in his own little isolated room, because he has a bacterial infection. Severe bacterial infection. A highly contagious severe bacterial infection. I have no idea what he ever did in his life to ever deserve this, but it needs to stop. It's bad enough that he'll never be able to live normally again, but it seems that it's one complication after another. And I found out that no one has been asking for a second opinion about any of his medical stuff. Now, he's a pretty damn intelligent man and would most likely (if he were in his right mind) ask for a second opinion. Aunt Therese and Aunt Tabitha both should know better and do it for him! For the love of Pete (who is my uncle...had to throw it in there.), isn't that just...common sense?!? *headdesk* Sometimes, I wonder about the intelligence of my family. Really, I do.

And my new video maker scared the shit out of me while making my Gundam Wing amv. It stopped working, as most video makers tend to do, but I was stupid and didn't save it...even with almost a minute and a half worth of clips, timing, and I'm really putting too much work into this damn thing. However, I like Pinnacle Video Spin so much better than Windows Movie Maker. Mostly because it saves your work sorta like Word will if it shuts down unexpectedly. From my memory, WMM doesn't do that. Oh the times I wanted to kick myself for not saving on that damned application.

Another thing that's really pissing me off about this is that I can't used any clips from the Endless Waltz because the movie format is .ogm, which nothing fucking supports so now, I have even more codecs on my system because I've been trying to get it to work. And I have a few key scenes I would love to put in it. u________________________u; I really wish I could find my DVD...really. It'd make my life so much easier.

Which reminds me. I need to DL the raws of Loveless. I'm thinking of making an amv for that too... Damn it my muse doesn't need to be inspired to do this! She needs to be inspired to write, or draw, or something other than to play with a fucking program that will most likely will screw up the timing when the format changes from the 'making/editing' stage into the 'full movie' stage. Ug. I'm just fed up with life in general I guess. >< That and no sleep make Crystal a cranky little girl.


still isn't sleepy yet, but feels a lot better psycho


Jul. 28th, 2007 07:59 am
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Well, it's done, and my brain is dead. Enjoy. :D


brain dead psycho

Edit: I fixed a few things. Hopefully, this is better. :3 For those that haven't seen the first one...I'll reupload that later. I was stupid and deleted it. XP


Jan. 28th, 2007 10:23 pm
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Well, lookie at this. I made an actual AMV. And yes, Boredom is spelled wrong in the credits... that and some of the timing is off. I was so pissed. When I made it into an actual movie from the editing version, the time slowed down and sped up. Sped up where I wanted it and slowed down where I didn't. *sigh* Whatever. It's done and Im happy, sorta.

That's about it.


*sigh* I hate timing things psycho


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