Aug. 25th, 2010

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Things on the agenda: Welcome people, rant about work, and whatever random stuff I can think of. Oh, and eventually do something productive. Eventually.

First thing's first, a belated welcome to [ profile] osoroi, and a big welcome to [ profile] orange_lovely, [ profile] misstwi, [ profile] soypants, [ profile] fetusforbrunch, [ profile] krissified, [ profile] digivolution, [ profile] bubblegum_miley, [ profile] ghrelin, and [ profile] lady_saru365 from the kuroshitsuji friending meme! I really hope that we all can become good friends and have fun lurking on each other's journals! Also, I'm a really boring person who complains a lot...just as a warning.

Oh, and have a Contact Post so you can stalk me elsewhere on the internet. ♥ That also goes for the rest of my flist too...mostly since I just made it. never thought I'd need one...seriously.

Now, onto the work rant from this past week! Under a cut...because like last week, this week They're lucky I haven't quit yet.

labor Labor LABOR.And caps lock of RAGE. )

So, that was my week in a nutshell. Joined two Hetalia rps (finally) too, which I'm still filling out apps for. I have a love/hate relationship in filling out histories. Because I adore doing the research, but I just...hate typing it all up. That and character descriptions. Why the hell would I need one if you're making me post a picture anyway?? But I digress, could be worse.

So, to those that are going/already back to school: GOOD LUCK.
For those like me who are working instead of going to school: REMEMBER WHEN WE HAD A 2 MONTH VACATION?!? AHAHAHAHAHA.


gonna work on apps and maybe lay off the sugar psycho


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