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Things that distracted me from making this post.
1. Rping.
3. Fucking around on Plurk
2. Onion News Network
3. Robot Chicken
4. ...anything shiney.


Well, Sunday night was fun. We were only supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow and ended up getting 10, but a plus is that it's good packing snow instead of the fine powder we've been getting all winter, which is great for sledding. Not so great for work, when I already had computer/cashless problems. Failed update had me trying to open up the store (to where we can use the computers...I hate system shut down) which then had one of the computers freezing on me and then the printer not working. It was bad. Then had to stay until the other morning manager showed up because the usual one called off. Like she always does when it snows. Or if there's ice. Or if she can't take a shower, or even if she can't wash her laundry. The rest of us have to come in, but heaven forbid she does.

Also had to deal with douche bag plow people that night too, which came through the drive thru lane to tell us to move our cars, and then proceeded to plow them in which led to one of my crew's car getting stuck...and then the person I let out of the store to accidentally locked the other crew person's keys in their car. So I got to deal with that, try to get the morning people in, which most were late like I expected them to be with all that snow, and just my head on straight. Especially when the manager that was coming in for the original morning manager tried to call off...which led to an oh so fun game of phone tag. With my store manager, the other manager, and having to deal with the car shit there while one of the morning people kept trying to tell me what to do/turn off my radio. And kept getting pissed when I turned it back on/didn't run shift like the normal morning shift people/let people apparently get away with shit that they shouldn't have been getting away with/all this shit. And complained to my store manager about how I run shift.

Which I totally didn't get yelled at for the meeting today, which is such a plus I don't even... I was just talked to about the fact that I blow off steam of 'fuck this shit', 'I don't fucking care anymore', and my favorite, 'fuck fuckity, fuck fuck fuck'. Then again, I'm used to working with at most, four other people in the store...so I can usually get away with pretty much murder. Either way, it was pretty boring and nice. Since half the other managers weren't at it so it went by quickly, which is always a plus. Always.

So, that's work. Otherwise, been kinda active and talking to people on Plurk...which I haven't done in too long of time. So I guess that's good. Been doodling with my tablet and haven't really been coming up with anything, which isn't surprising. Been playing a lot of Pokemon too, and got the Game Stop Celebi that apparently gives you a Pokemon in Black and White, like the other Pokemon that have been released. Which is cool because it's now my strongest Pokemon on my Diamond at level 50, which is awesome because that means I'm gonna kick some ass!

Also, finally caught up on all the episodes of Star Driver, which I have an OT3 for... Not sure if that's a good or bad thing as of yet. In other anime news, been rewatching Zoids: Fuzors because I love my giant robots. Especially giant robots that are KICK ASS.

In other news, my screen now has 50 bagillion Prussia and 2 Russia wandering around. Aka-my screen has overloaded with AWESOME.



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