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It's been awhile and for once, I'm not "OMFG DEPRESSED" or "OMFG RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE" and just sort of...pleasant to say the least. Also, need to get more icons. :/ I went through my photobucket and figured that I don't have enough of my current fandoms. At all. I need to fix that and get more GW ones...because I never have enough GW icons. never.

In other news, the car's fixed. YES. Sorta. The back tire still has a "flat" but I think all of them just need some air in them, since I don't remember when the last time we put air into the tires. Oh, and who else remembers when air at gas stations were free and not a damn quarter? You used to just hit a button and get air but now it's like....you have to pay for it. Sometimes I think I should just invest in a bike pump and get air that way. It sure as hell wouldn't hurt and it would pay for itself eventually.

Also was able to access my desktop from my laptop again. I took the password off back in October since my roommate's mom was cat-sitting for us that weekend and it was in case she just wanted to use the computer...and I never turned it back on until like...yesterday. So now I have all my music back instead of just what I have on my laptop. Which means I found some songs that I forgot I downloaded/missed over the past few months. Like all my Lemon Demon. X3

Oh! And I finally ordered/received/reading and enjoying Hitler Victorious, which is a book I've been wanting to read since like, high school. It's about if the Axis won WWII and what would happen to Europe/America in 11 short stories. It's actually pretty interesting so far, that an I love alt history stories. It did make my roommates raise their eyebrows at me though and said that I was too obsessed with Hetalia like that was the reason that I bought the book...which really isn't.... Oh well.

That's pretty much it. Been going through Lucky Dog 1 and...getting a lot of game overs. I'm kinda surprised that I can't even seem to find a Japanese play through guide to like...have badly translated due to GoogleTranslate not being the greatest thing in the world to use... I just want some of the good endings instead of all the game overs, although I am proud of myself. Only got the main character raped once so...that should count worth something. I think. I hope.


already out of things to ramble on about psycho
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