Sep. 4th, 2010 08:59 pm
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So...have a cold that is kicking my ever living ass. At least this journal isn't all depressing.

So...last week was just as bad as the weeks before it, but mostly due to us getting our asses handed to us. Didn't get out until 8 again last Sunday night due to my main service guy doing grill and having a service person who knows how to do orders but not all the stock/cleaning and stuff...hopefully they both get better because I have the same crew this week. Along with it being Labor Day Weekend...fml.

Last night pissed me off though, mostly because we had a call off which made last night a whole lot harder. Add in the fact that we were busy as hell and then I had two people fighting the entire damn night, and I was not a happy manager. Thank God my grill guy doesn't get pulled into drama. Or else I would just have killed them all.

...that was a short work rant. XD

Otherwise, really fucking sick and still going into work because I'm hard-headed. I did get to see my niece Lily on Wednesday though! She's so cute. Didn't get to see my brother on the account of the kid wasn't there, and Michael was stuck in Florida so I didn't get to see him. I did get to see my future sister-in-law who was pretty tired. Poor woman having to fly with a baby all alone!

So...that's all I have the energy to really type out. I hope my crew doesn't expect me to be amazing and full of awesome tonight, because I'm totally not feeling it. And I know I need to respond to some comments from like...a long time ago/comment on entries. Please don't beat me! I didn't forget you! I just...blerg. No energy from being wiped out from work and now this damn cold. =______=


wants some vix rub psycho


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